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December 2017
vol 25 no 2

  1. Challenges over the last 25 years
    30 Dec, 2017
    Challenges over the last 25 years
    Over the last 24 years, APEN members have written some amazing articles and shared a diversity of challenges as each of us responded to the questions raised to ensure that we (personally and professionally) grow to become the influence we want to happen in our respective fields. I think, we can all agree that human talent is the key driver of the future of agriculture, primary production and natural resources and, hence, our relevance to extension practices. In 2001, Jeff Coutts suggested that
  2. Welcome to APEN Ltd
    30 Dec, 2017
    Welcome to APEN Ltd
    Earlier this year, APEN members, at a Special General Meeting, passed a resolution to transition APEN away from its present Incorporated Association status (as APEN Inc.) into a Company Limited by Guarantee (APEN Ltd). As part of these structural changes, it was also recognised that the APEN Constitution would need to be modified to suit the new company structure. The constitution is available in PDF version on the APEN website. At the AGM, held on Thursday 14 September at the Ville, Townsville
  3. Thoughts from Graham Harris: Newly Elected APEN President
    30 Dec, 2017
    Thoughts from Graham Harris: Newly Elected APEN President
    I would like to thank the APEN membership for their support in electing me President at this time of change in our organisation as we transition to a company limited by guarantee.  This is a significant undertaking which is consuming considerable time of Roe Currie and the new Board who recently met for the first time. The world is ever changing – and change seems to be happening exponentially and accelerating.  This is very true in the agriculture industries and the communities we service.
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